Pictures, Photos of  Sufi Ajmer Dargah,  Ajmer Sufi Shrine, Rajasthan India,

 Ajmer Sufi Shrine India,  Pictures, Photos of  Sufi Ajmer Dargah, Rajasthan India,

(The Holy Great Sufi Khwaja Moinddin Chishty Ajmer India) 

Arrival in Ajmer

On reaching Ajmer, Khwaja Sahib rested under the shadow of a tree. Immediately some camel drivers came there and asked him brutally to sit at any other place because that place was reserved for king’s camels. Khwaja Sahib said that they could make the camels sit at some other place. But camel drivers were adamant and became violent then he said very politely.

" Lo, we leave the place and your camel may remain sit here."

Saying this, he with his followers made his stay at a hill on the bank of Anna Sagar (lake in Ajmer). Next day, in spite of their best efforts the camel drivers could not be able to make their camels to stand. It seemed that earth had gripped them. They were very much surprised. At last they went to the court of king Prithviraj. When the king was narrated the entire incident, he was shocked. He was very proud of his bravery, but it could do nothing for him following the first miracle of Khwaja Sahib (R.A).So he ordered the camel- drivers to beg for a pardon from the Fakir. Accordingly they went to Khwaja Sahib and apologized with great respect and humbleness. He kindly said," Go back and by the grace of God your camels will stand on their feet."

On their return, when they saw that camels were standing, they were over-joyed.

Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) and their companions used to take bath and performed ablution daily on the bank of Anna Sagar. One day, some of the followers were stopped by the King men for taking bath on the bank of the Anna Sagar and threatened them violently, The followers returned to Khwaja Sahib and informed him about the happening. He asked one of his followers to go and fill the water in a Kuza (eartern pot). When the follower dip the Kuza in the water it sucked the entire water of anna sagar .he brought back the kuza to Khaja Shahib (R.A) .when the king men came to know about this they were taken aback .the entire city was shocked and it was known to every body that the muslim saint made the pond dry because the king men threatened the muslims at anna sagar at last a delegation of civilians came to him and requested him for pardon Khaja Shahib (R.A) was kind enough and he poured the water back in the pond and the pond was again
filled up.

Seeing the miracle large number of people changed their faith to Islam and Islam gained spreading in Ajmer.


Gharib Nawaz Ki Chokhat ka Ek Adna Ghulam

Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chishty (Shah) Saheb 

teri jaat-e-paak se mera gehra talluk hai ,
mai bada gharib or tu bada gharib nawaz hai

Gharib Nawaz ki chokhat ka ek adna ghulam

Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chishty (Shah) Saheb
s/o Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sultan Shah
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