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Khawaja Fakhruddin, the eldest son of Hazrat Khawaja Sahib, was a great dervish and followed strictly in the footsteps of his illustrious father. He spent most of his time in spiritual development with Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia of Delhi who was himself a great and well-known Sufi dervish. He adopted agriculture as his profession and lived in a village (Mandal) near Ajmer. He is reported to have died in 1265 AD and is buried at Sarwar, 37 miles from Ajmer on the Ajmer-Kekri Road which is an attraction to hundreds of pilgrims during his Urs every year  Urs Sarwar Sharif Dargah Ajmer, India, Sarwar Sharif Ajmer Sharif Dargah Urs India,

Khawaja Hissammuddin, the second son of Hazrat Sahib, is reported to have disappeared in his early age. All that is known of him is that he died in 1255 AD. He is said to have acquired the stage of an "abdaal" (certain holy person by whom God continues the world in existence, according to Islamic belief.)

Khawaja Ziauddin Abu Sayeed, the 3rd son of Hazrat Khawaja Sahib, left two sons of whom nothing is further known. He was buried in the precincts of Khawaja Sahibís Dargah at Ajmer and died at the age of 50.

The Khawaja Sahibís only daughter, Bibi Hafiza Jamal was a very pious lady and had leaned Quran by heart at the age of 7. She was married to Sheikh Raziuddin son of Sultan-ul-Tarikin Hazrat Khawaja Hameed-ud-din Nagauri; a saintly dervish who lies buried at Nagaur in Jodhpur district. She was buried in a tomb on the south of Khawaja Sahibís shrine at Ajmer. Both Bibi Asmat and bibi Ummatulla are also buried in the precincts of the Dargah of Khwaja Sahib at Ajmer.


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